Hydrowype Rod Scrapers are used in hydraulic, pneumatic and other linear and rotary motion systems, to protect rods, sleeves and shafts from the ingression of adhered contaminants. Rod scrapers are cleaving devices, capable of shearing away the worst of contimannts and potentially even helping to repair damage to the surfaces of motion system components.

Hydrowype Rod Scrapers are available for a range of installation methods, applications and design contraints:

  • A-Series - an "AN" Style scraper - economical in size and cost but a true floating scraper.
  • M-Series - medium duty scrapers for snap-in and press-in installations.
  • D-Series - the heavy duty, no-holds-barred scraper for extreme environments, a full floating scraper that acts independently of other elements in the system, delivering more cleaving force to the surface of the rod than any other exclusion device available.

Scrapers are available in a range of body materials including Brass, Bronze, Stainless Steel and various polymers and elastomerics. Most scrapers can be offered in canned versions, the scraping elements contained within a press-in enclosure to speed production line assembly.

If you are designing a motion system and wish to consider the use of a rod scraper, you can use our interactive design tools to select a stock scaper, or configure one to specifically to suit your application.

If you are a customer, you can access quality information including Job Lot certificates of conformance, inspection sheets, routing cards and job status.

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