Test Facility Upgrades for Long-range Test Plans

Gadjets has just completed further upgrades to our SAE J1195 Test facility, to better support long-range test plans. For over 40 years, the J1195 test installation has been the mainstay of ingression testing for Rod Scrapers. When our original J1195 test stand was built in the 1970's, it was a representation of the state of the art in hydraulic and pneumatic seal testing. As the years passed, this facility provided the means for Gadjets to perform qualification testing for MIL-R-5049 (QPL-5049) as well as Job Lot conformance testing. All ice and ice/mud scraping tests, breakout friction tests and non-static light-tightness tests have been performed for all Mil-Spec job lots on this test stand. Over the years, while routine maintenance was performed on an ongoing basis, the underlying technology became less and less up-to-date. So at the beginning of 2015, a plan to refurbish and update the test stand was put into effect. Over the summer, engineering students from Ohio University, undertook a substantial makeover of the rig, replacing the old hydraulic based actuation platform with an all-electronic motion system featuring the following:

  • Phidgets based control platform supporting c# and Visual Basic Software platform
  • Phidgets based embedded sensor platform for all monitoring including load cells, thermal, alignment and cycle monitoring
  • Matlabs/Simulink test modelling and execution
  • In-line sensors built into main drive-train with multipoint load cells, thermal monitoring and deflection measurement sensors.
  • In built counterbalancing mechanism to allow dynamic load distribution
  • 22 inch stroke, customizable down to less than 2mm "dithering" motion
  • Optical circumferential gap monitoring for wear assessment
  • Custom Inbuilt Optical light-tightness test module
  • Optical fluid monitoring for opacity
  • Inbuilt fluid heating and distribution module
  • Microsoft Azure Geospacial DB for (virtually) unlimited data logs
  • Regression and Modelling Analytics for custom reporting

This test platform is expected to provide sufficient functionality and capacity to handle the majority of the Hydrowype testing load for several years, including all Job Lot testing as well as new long range (1M cycle plus) tests on both dry and wetted-rod systems. We'll keep you posted with further updates as new test results are published in then coming weeks.